Pitt Street Bar, November 2013

Written by  on November 1, 2013 

This was one of the most pointless “explores” I’ve done so far. I’m still posting about it for completeness, and to give a flavour of the range of different urbex experiences that can happen. (The photos were also the worst I’ve ever taken; this was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing so I didn’t have my proper camera with me, only my phone, which doesn’t work too well in low light. I also didn’t have a torch so I was using my phone for that as well and had to plunge myself into total darkness every time I wanted to switch apps and take a picture).

Having said all that, I can never resist an abandoned building, and this one was slightly compelling because I had no idea at all what would be inside. I guessed some kind of small industrial building or offices. It had been boarded up for a while, but Laura noticed on her way to work one day that the door had been kicked in, so she took me back one night to investigate. It was still open and I ducked inside quickly before anyone saw me, wondering what I would find.

It was a bar.


Probably not a normal public bar judging by the size and the decor, but maybe a private social club or something like that. I had a look for information about it online but drew a blank. If anyone knows what it was, please feel free to post a comment.

There wasn’t a great deal to see, really. A huge heap of empty beer kegs lay just inside the entrance and I narrowly avoided causing an avalanche as I clambered across them. The main bar room was quite small and pretty empty apart from the kegs. There was an office at the far end and toilets near the door. Behind the bar, steps curved downwards into a small cellar.


So, not the most exciting of abandoned buildings. But I’m glad I checked it out, I would have been kicking myself later if it had been boarded up again before I got the chance.

Update 7/4/2014: I’ve since heard that this place used to be called “The G-Spot”. So: a bar. called the G-Spot, in Leith. I’ll leave you to imagine what sort of place this must have been when it was open 😉 . It may also have been called “Schooner” at some point in the past.

Apparently there’s now some kind of work going on in here so maybe it will find a new lease of life soon-ish.


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