Abandoned lock keeper’s cottage/restaurant

Written by  on June 27, 2024

(I get to add a new category to the blog for this, yay!). This wasn’t a huge building, but it was a significant one for me for a couple of reasons.[...]

Abandoned Victorian Infirmary

Written by  on May 31, 2024

Well. I didn’t mean to have an 18 month hiatus in my exploring. It just sort of happened. (Actually I did explore a really cool place in 2023, but[...]

Abandoned Army Barracks

Written by  on November 28, 2022

I saw this building in a video a year or two ago and thought it looked interesting, but I didn’t know exactly where it was, only the rough area.[...]

Glasgow Tunnel Adventure Part 4: Provan Gasworks

Written by  on June 7, 2022

(You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to write “Glasgow Tunnel Adventure Part 4” in a post title! It’s taken me a while to tick[...]

Abandoned Insulation Board Factory

Written by  on March 13, 2022

This building turned out to be a much better explore than I’d expected. While many of the industrial buildings I’ve explored in the past were[...]

Abandoned College Residence

Written by  on January 16, 2022

For my first explore of 2022, I visited this derelict college campus, which stands in the middle of a town. There are a few different buildings there[...]

Bawhirley Tunnel no. 1

Written by  on October 25, 2021

I’ve previously explored part of old the Princes Pier railway line in Greenock, including several tunnels. In this post I explore another part of[...]

Air Raid Shelter Revisit

Written by  on July 27, 2021

I first visited this place back in September 2019. It was great to see it, but at that time the deeper tunnels were partially flooded and so it was impossible[...]

Alloa Tunnel

Written by  on May 24, 2021

Abandoned railway tunnels are probably my favourite places to explore, but I don’t often get to do one these days. Most of the tunnels in Scotland[...]

Abandoned Hospital

Written by  on May 14, 2021

It’s been a long time since I explored a hospital and I decided it was about time I did something about that. This was another place I’d known[...]