The Railways of Edinburgh in 2019



This map shows the railway network in the Edinburgh area as it evolved over time. Use the slider above the map to change the date and watch the network grow and shrink. Minor freight lines, and freight-only stations, have been omitted. For pre-1948 dates, the lines are colour-coded according to the company that owns them. From 1948 onwards, the whole network is owned by a single company (initially British Rail, later Railtrack and then Network Rail after privatisation), so the colour indicates the present status of each line instead. Stations are shown in bright red while operational and much paler red after they close. You can click on the individual lines and stations to find out what they are. Click here for the Glasgow edition. Copyright (c) James Perry 2015-2019. The background map and the routes of some of the lines are derived from Ordnance Survey OpenData, Crown copyright and database right (c) 2015. If you notice any inaccuracies, please report them by email. See this blog entry for details of how the map works and how it was made. This site may not work well (or at all) in Internet Explorer; if you have trouble viewing it, please try Firefox or Chrome instead.