Alton Towers!!!!!!!!!, day 0

Last weekend it was time for the annual Beyond Alton Towers trip… time to satiate my adrenaline-junkie side for another few months. I’d planned to maybe upload pics and blog entries from the hostel each night, but my camera’s sudden refusal to talk to my netbook put paid to that idea. So here they are now instead.

We stayed at Ilam Hall youth hostel, which is a great place as well as very handy for the Towers. (We were there in 2009, but last year we left it too late to book and had to go to Hartington Hall instead – also nice, but a bit further from A.T.). We had a 4 bed room to ourselves.

Only downside was complete lack of mobile signal, though maybe that’s not a downside if you want to get away from it all. (They do have a couple of internet-connected computers and semi-working wifi so we weren’t completely cut off… this was lucky as I’d completely forgotten to tell anyone I might not have phone signal and had to hastily go online and send some Facebook messages so they didn’t start thinking the Alton Triangle had claimed another victim).

We were all tired the first night, especially me after driving for about six and a half hours (M6 Friday traffic, grrrrr), so we didn’t do much apart from play Scattergories. And go out to take some dark pictures of Ilam Hall:

(Nicer than the Stoke-on-Trent Travelodge I stayed in when I was last down this way back in June, I’m sure you’ll agree).

For some reason I loved being out there in the dark. Unlike the city it was pitch black apart from the hostel lights so you could see hundreds of stars, and it was also absolutely silent apart from owl calls from the nearby woods. No traffic noise at all. Lovely.

Up next on Gcat’s World of Stuff: radiation leaks, stranded kittens, giant spider crabs, and more. Just an ordinary Hallowe’en day at Alton Towers. Don’t miss it!