You learn something new every day (part 2)

I wrote this post and then realised it’s now over 3 months since the last one. Oh well. “You Learn Something New Every Three Months” wouldn’t have sounded as good. But I do have not just one but several facts that I didn’t know until embarrassingly recently this time (I’ve been collecting them since the last entry, you see!).

  • The thing that prompted me to write this sequel post was looking at this web page… there’s a table on there that lists release dates and version numbers of Xubuntu (the flavour of Linux currently nestling cosily inside my little netbook). While idly scrolling past it I suddenly had one of those “Aaaah, that makes more sense!” moments of dawning realisation when I noticed that the Ubuntu version numbers match the year and month they were released (so the new version that’s just come out is 12.04, for April 2012). Hence the reason most of the version numbers end in .04 or .10 is because the release tends to be on a 6 monthly schedule, and the reason the first Ubuntu was 5.04 and not 1.something is because it was released in 2005. I honestly never noticed this before. I just thought whoever came up with the version numbers was slightly crazy. (Come on, I’ve only been following the Linux world for about ten years… you can’t expect me to notice everything straight away).
  • Also netbook-related: I only just noticed that my own netbook does, in fact, have an SD card slot, after about 18 months of assuming it didn’t. This after wasting ages on one trip away (I think it was the Alton Towers one) wrestling with cables and Nikon software trying to get my camera to connect to it so that I could upload some pics… and all the while I could have just popped the memory card out and put it in the slot just like I do with the big laptop. Oops.
  • Also (sort of) road-trip-down-south related: I made it til last year without realising most car sun visors can be detached at one end and swivelled round to the side to block the sun when it’s coming through the side windows as well. Eventually I saw Gavin doing it in my own car. “What are you doing, you’ve broken-… aaaaaah, that’s actually pretty useful!”

But the crowning achievement of my everyday ignorance has to be living alone in this flat for three and a half years before discovering that council tax single occupancy discount exists. My indignation at having been paying an extra £30 a month all that time quickly evaporated when Edinburgh council agreed, to my amazement, to refund the whole lot in one go. (Though I didn’t ask them to also refund the extra I paid during the two years in my previous flats. I think that might have been pushing it).

Ironically, it now seems I might have finally claimed single occupancy discount just in time to end up having to cancel it due to not qualifying anymore. Maybe more about that later… but I’m kind of excited 😉

PS you should take a look at my brother’s new blog, because it’s awesome and much better written than mine. I’m also very taken with the project codenames he’s made up for the stuff he’s working on right now… I might have to shamelessly steal the idea and write a post on here about all the projects I’ve got planned.