Chocolate Fudge Cake… mmm…

When I’m in the kitchen while my girlfriend’s cooking, I still tend to feel a bit like the nurses you get in operating theatres, just standing there slightly in awe and fetching various utensils when the expert says “Knife, please”, plus of course trying not to spill or sneeze on anything important. But recently I’ve been getting a bit more adventurous with cooking myself.

One of my new favourite recipes is chocolate fudge cake, from a book called “The Big Book of Baking” (I think it’s this one, but Amazon are out of stock unless you fancy paying 20 quid or more for a used one… my copy was a kind Christmas present from Mari 🙂 ). I made it for my workmates to mark my ten year anniversary of starting in my job… but I expect you could use the same recipe for a 9th anniversary or maybe even, with minor modifications, an 11th.

Ingredients for the chocolate fudge icing, waiting to be melted. There’s two and a half bars of solid chocolate in that pan! (along with other stuff, including a type of sugar I’d never even heard of before).

Starting to mix up the actual cake. Electric whisk… what’s that?

Icing is ready to be chilled! Just got to resist the temptation to drink it all instead.

Beating the eggs and adding them to the mix.

Finally adding the flour and cocoa powder. (Bonus fact: “cocoa” was my first word, apparently. It couldn’t be something normal like “Mummy” or “Daddy” with me, could it. Oh no).

The finished mixture!

The finished cakes!! (Note: only normal metal cake tins in my kitchen. None of these freaky looking silicone “tins” that look like they shouldn’t survive the oven 😉 ).

The finished cake, iced!!! (Stop laughing at the back. It may look a mess, but… but… ah, I don’t know how to finish that sentence 🙁 ).

I didn’t actually get to eat any of the cake myself, though I did eat plenty of the icing. It seemed to go down well with my colleagues, one of whom said I should have a tenth anniversary more often. I said I would try.