Biggest Loser!

Junk mail that comes through my door normally goes straight in the recycle bin. Especially if it’s anything to do with a health club or weight loss or similar. But this one actually made me laugh…

It’s partly because I can’t work out whether “Biggest Loser” is intentional or just unfortunately worded. But mainly because of the choice of “Before” and “After” pictures. I want to re-caption it as: Derek lost 95lbs, 100cm and his happiness! Clare lost 29lbs, 37cm and her baby!

Ahem. Ignore me, I’m just easily amused sometimes. I don’t mean any harm… I’m only laughing at the people who design unintentionally hilarious flyers, not people who really are struggling to lose weight (or have lost babies).

(Weight loss is over-rated in my opinion. Over a few years I’ve lost nearly as much as Clare has, but the only real difference I’ve noticed is that my trousers now keep falling down. Even the new ones fall down because my poor stress-addled brain finds clothes shopping an ordeal and hasn’t yet caught up to the fact that I need to go back to buying 32 inch waist jeans again after years of buying 34).

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