Helvetica II: Vengeance

… actually, not really Vengeance. I already put the RAM in.

Last week we had to leave Helvetica without a processor when it turned out we had the wrong one. It was a bit of a disappointment having to go home again without seeing it start up and work… but anyway, one fairly quick Amazon exchange later and we were ready to have another go.

Gavin unwraps the replacement CPU while Alex looks on. A nearby tiger is so overwhelmed by the awesome power of this machine that it deflates on the spot.

This time, it fits!

Building the “Arctic Freezer” cooler.

Surely in the arctic you don’t need a freezer? They clearly haven’t thought this naming through.

We cannibalised the BluRay drive from Gavin’s old, much dustier looking PC. Sorry Inara!

The moment of truth. Installing Helvetica in its home under the desk. Will it work??


Gavin had to prepare for a job interview the next day so he didn’t have time to install Windows and we had to content ourselves with seeing the BIOS setup screen for the moment. That was probably just as well as after a busy few days in York and here, I really needed to get home and sleep!

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