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Several times since I started this blog, I’ve had the urge to write about something really geeky and technical in mind-numbing detail. But I’ve resisted (OK, usually resisted) because I don’t think most of the people who read this would be all that interested in a 10-part, 8,000-word series on how I converted one of my ancient homemade games into a Flash animation on the web. I kinda do want to post it, and it might be of interest to someone somewhere, but I don’t want it to utterly overwhelm the rest of this blog. Which it would if I put it on here.

So, I give you: GCat’s Technical Stuff

I’m going to post my in-depth computery writings on there (probably beginning with the aforementioned Flash-game-conversion series and then maybe some emulator related posts) and keep the World of Stuff for its unique blend of music, photography, and randomness that about 3 of you seem to enjoy and a few others occasionally click on by accident and don’t hate enough to post abuse in the comments. Maybe I’ll cross-post things from time to time but probably not often. I’ll see how it works out :).


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