You learn something new every day…

On Wednesday, for example, I learned that I don’t in fact need to go back to my own specific branch of Bank of Scotland just to pay in a cheque.

I was telling my girlfriend that I’d finally got round to claiming back my fuel expenses from the last hillwalking club trip I was on after nearly two months, and was joking that it’ll probably take me another two months to get around to going to the bank where my account is and actually paying it in, since it’s at the branch near my parents’ house and not all that handy for me now. She looked at me blankly and said, “Why do you need to go there? You can pay it into any branch!”.

I was pretty taken aback, having spent the last 15 years since I had a bank account dutifully going out of my way to go in there every time I needed to pay in a cheque. Now I find out, just in time for the phase-out of cheques by the look of it, that there was no need.

Thinking about it, I can’t actually remember why I didn’t think I could pay in cheques at a different branch. Most likely someone else who’d always believed it told me and I never questioned it because it sounded like the sort of irritating hoop that banks would make you jump through for no reason. Or maybe it used to be true in the old pre-computerised days but isn’t anymore.

I’m sure I used to have other similar beliefs that I eventually found out weren’t true. I was going to write a blog post about them but then I found I couldn’t remember any (apart from one that’s ridiculously technical and geeky). Shame. It would have been dead insightful and interesting and all that. Instead you’re stuck with this one ;).

Update: I can now confirm that it’s definitely true. Paid in my cheque at the Cameron Toll branch, a short walk from my office, and it worked! (Not that I doubted you, Laura 😉 ).

3 thoughts on “You learn something new every day…

  1. Good to know, I actually thought the same, that’s why I had opened my account in the Princes Street branch when I had one :D.

    For me it took me 1 1/2 years to find out I could use my Ridacard on the Airlink, before I always took the 35 which takes hours, or just paid for the Airlink!

  2. So guessing that you also didn’t know that you can take money out of the Post office (not RBS tho) with you card, like cash back but without buying anything.

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