Gladiolus Rag

I love Scott Joplin… always have, ever since I was about 5 years old, oddly enough. I’ve heard his music described as “intoxicating” and I totally agree… I find it so easy to lost myself in it, either just listening to it or playing it myself.

This is one of the best piano books I ever bought:

(Despite the editor name, it’s not a dodgy knock-off I got from Del Boy 😉 )

All of Scott Joplin’s ragtime pieces in their full original versions, including the original cover pictures as well.

Hard to imagine now, but back in the days when pianos were more widespread than any sort of sound recording device, those sheet music booklets would have been a pretty common sort of musical entertainment. Much more interactive than a CD… ultimately more rewarding as well, maybe.

Anyway… have finally got back into playing the keyboard a decent amount lately, so thought I’d give one of my favourite rags another bash. Not one of his most well-known ones (though there are still zillions of videos of it on Youtube, most probably better than mine). My keyboard isn’t too bad for playing piano pieces if you plug a decent sustain pedal in; the sound quality and touch sensitivity are pretty good, it’s mainly the weight of the keys that I miss. This is the first time I’ve tried filming myself playing and it was quite illuminating… I’ve always known I have flexible hands, but I’d never noticed the weird way some of my fingers bend backwards before! (On the other hand I have always known that I involuntarily make weird faces while I play… hence the close-up angle).

Enjoy :).

PS new Sonic Triangle material coming along nicely now… new EP is in the works, the first track of which is coming together pretty well :).


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