I’m still alive, honest…

… though I’ll admit it doesn’t feel much like it when my alarm goes off some mornings 😉

I’ve just been pretty busy and it looks like that’ll continue for another week or two. Knowing life it will probably continue til Christmas. At which point I can sleep through my two weeks off work to recover.

At least it’s mostly the good kind of busy with lots of stuff I enjoy. Last weekend Laura and I took full advantage of Historic Scotland’s special offer where you can get in free to lots of their sites if you print off a voucher from the net. So we had a very cheap (but very cold and windy!) day out down in the Borders, visiting three abbeys (Jedburgh, Dryburgh and Melrose) and the Smailholm Tower.

Then on Sunday we did Edinburgh castle too. It normally costs about fifteen quid to get in so it was well worth taking advantage of the offer.

Turns out we were the first people to visit five sites over the weekend (or at least the first to post the “secret” phrase on Historic Scotland’s Facebook wall), so we won their competition! (well, Laura did, she organised it all so I should give her credit). Looks like we might be having even more cheap weekend trips in the new year as the prize includes annual membership for both of us, as well as a VIP tour of Stirling Castle.

After the castle I met up with Oona and Mari and we had a wander round the Christmas markets until it got too cold for wandering.

I’m off to Braemar later today to do my first “proper” hillwalking in a while. Hopefully we won’t get snowed in and I’ll be back soon to write about the hills, or about the phone app I’m working on, or about my meditation course, or something. TTFN all.

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