Bus Tracker Bungles

It always interests me when new technology backfires in ways you couldn’t really foresee.

Take the bus tracker, for example. You wouldn’t think that having screens at the bus stops telling you pretty accurately when the bus is coming, as well as a mobile app to beam the times directly to your phone, could possibly make it easier for you to¬†miss the bus, would you? And yet there is not just one way, but two ways, in which it has caused me to miss buses I otherwise probably would have caught.

  1. Because I know exactly when it’s coming from the phone app, I cut it too fine and see it going past before I get to the stop. (This has happened several times now. Usually with the last bus of the night).
  2. Because I was so busy fiddling with my phone trying to find the right bus stop in the tracker app, I didn’t even notice my bus coming… and then going again. (This has only happened once so far. Well, only once that I’ve come out of my phone-induced trance quickly enough to see it receding into the distance, anyway).

OK, I’ll admit that those are both due to me being an idiot and not really the fault of the tracker. But the tracker has certainly opened up new, more high-tech ways for me to be an idiot ;).

(I’m off to Alton Towers tomorrow so hopefully I’ll post something more exciting early next week. Look on the bright side, at least I didn’t subject you to my interminable rant about the trials of upgrading Ubuntu to version 11.10! Or my other interminable rant about how much it cost to get my car door fixed…).

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