Maybe birthdays aren’t so bad after all…

As someone who hates both getting older and being the centre of attention with a passion, I don’t usually like birthdays very much. But this year I had a pretty nice birthday weekend, maybe because I actually decided to celebrate it for once.

First, on Friday night, there was the party.

Gavin did his usual trick of putting a balloon inside a balloon inside a balloon.

Meanwhile Lori was drawing ambigrams. Her present to me was a hand-drawn ambigram of my name, which is pretty cool:

(It was quite a co-incidence that she gave me this now because I watched Angels and Demons for the first time this week).

I’d bought plenty of beer and cider in case anyone wanted them, but thanks to me being off alcohol and Timmy, Euan and Stuart not being able to come, hardly anyone was actually drinking. In fact I actually gained more alcohol during the party as Gavin brought back some of the beer I tried to get rid of by leaving it at his party last weekend!

The New Scotland contingent arrived later, including Uli and Ben with a very nice banana cake:

The rest of the food was mostly just snacks. The cocktail sausages packet had a sticker on saying “Ideal for Hallowe’en”, right above “Use by 22 Oct”. Maybe Tesco consider rotting sausages to be more Hallowe’en-like, I don’t know.

The next day it was time to get my presents, as well as a few cards and an overwhelming number of Facebook messages (thank you!!). I’d been very restrained and not opened any of them the previous night. I got some good ones this year. Here’s most of them, taken through my new camera lens:

And here’s my new camera lens taken through my old camera lens:

There was time for a quick walk on Corstorphine Hill to test the lens. I also tested it on the cats:

My evening consisted of a family meal at Ciao Roma – spaghetti bolognese and profiteroles, highly recommended – followed by hillwalking club ceilidh. The hillwalking club always have good ceilidhs (assuming you consider a good ceilidh to be one where you leave with several minor bruises and dripping with sweat, which you should) and tonight’s was no exception. It was nice to catch up with people and I didn’t even manage to embarrass myself too badly when the entire room formed a circle round me to sing “Happy Birthday” near the end.

Sunday was a bit more sedate and relaxed. After a lie in watching new Doctor Who DVD, went for a wander round Almondell Country Park with Mari and Oona, for further lens testing…

… and then a few drinks with Ingrid in Glasgow before she leaves to travel the world. (Furstenberg Frei is by far the best non-alcoholic beer, why don’t more places have it??).

All good things must come to an end, unfortunately. This morning it was back to reality of wishing I could have another few hours’ sleep and discovering it’s going to cost at least £281 to get my car passenger door opening again. But I’ve got Alton Towers this weekend and Evanescence the weekend after, so that’s something to look forward to :).

3 thoughts on “Maybe birthdays aren’t so bad after all…

  1. Good to hear you enjoyed your weekend =) That ambigram looks pretty cool, I didn’t know these things even existed! Best present must be the lens though, yaay! 😀

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