Giving up alcohol

Think I’m going to give up alcohol for a while.

My sleeping pattern has been terrible lately, my mood has been up and down as well. Apparently alcohol can affect those things so maybe I should see if it’s the cause in my case. I’ve tried having a few days off from it and that didn’t seem to make a lot of difference, but maybe that wasn’t enough time to see the full effects. I should give it a while longer, a few weeks at least. It’s a LONG time since I went a few weeks without a drink (2007, I think).

Another thing that’s supposedly bad for the sleep and the nerves is caffeine, which I know already I’m pretty much addicted to. I should probably try a break from that as well, but maybe not at the same time or I’ll end up like that guy from Airplane.

Maybe I have picked a bad week to quit drinking… there is a huge crate of Becks in my fridge that I was going to take to someone’s house before she cancelled. There’s also Gavin’s party tomorrow. But then I guess there’s never an easy time to do something like this. On the plus side it means I’ll be able to drive everywhere, if I so choose. And I should save some money as well.

Wish me luck :).

4 thoughts on “Giving up alcohol

  1. wow tremendous work trying to give up alcohol…

    how much do you drink on a weekly basis anyway or daily, just out of interest? cause perhaps you could try limiting alcohol to just special occasions i found i used to be very black and white either i would drink alcohol and drink loads of it or stop it completely but now i’ve discovered that everything in moderation is perfectly ok.

    As for the caffeine you mentioned perhaps just a coffee in the morning wouldn’t do you any harm nor would it effect sleep ??

    • Thanks. I don’t think I drink too excessively, I tend to still have a few days each week where I don’t drink at all…really I just want to see if it makes a difference having a longer break from it (it may not). I agree that in moderation it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

      As for the caffeine… yeah, think I’m going to try cutting down to just a couple of coffees a day, then maybe down to only one. Again just to see if it makes any difference really.

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