Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted much. About 2 years, in fact. I kind of want to change that… I was randomly reading back the old posts, and it struck me that (a) some of them aren’t half as bad as I remembered, and (b) I used to really enjoy writing this thing.

I’ve also got some other topics I want to start covering, some of which will be a challenge to write about, but hopefully worthwhile. And, even though it seems to be kind of considered bad blog etiquette, I want to get back to writing about any random topic that takes my fancy again.

But first things first… what have I been up to? I’ve been pretty busy… not busy enough to justify hardly posting here maybe, but still busy.

I bought a house. And spent quite a bit of my free time working on it. Nothing major, because it didn’t need anything very major done, thankfully… mainly just decoration and so on.

I got engaged to Laura, on 30th August 2014, the 3rd anniversary of our first date :). Wedding scheduled for May 2016, so still a bit of time left to save up, organise, panic, all that kind of thing.

I got kittens… Lily and Luna, who are now fully grown (though still quite tiny) cats. Like buying the house, as soon as I got them it seemed weird that I hadn’t done it much earlier. We always had cats when I was growing up but I never had any during the years I lived alone, and it’s only now that I’m starting to realise how much I missed having autonomous little balls of fur around the house that come and find me for cuddles whenever they feel like it.

I explored lots of amazing places. I used to post about urban exploration on here quite a bit, until I split off all those posts into a separate urbex blog instead (which is partly why this blog went so quiet). Anyway, after a bit of a dry spell early last year, I got back into it in a big way for the last few months of 2014, mainly exploring the abandoned railway tunnels under Edinburgh and Glasgow that I’d been wanting to do for years but didn’t think I’d ever be able to get into, but also covering a few more buildings as well as my first abandoned mine.

I travelled more. After my Berlin trip, I was certain I would have to do more city hostelling across Europe, having discovered how much I enjoyed it. I’ve managed 3 hostelling trips a year since then, mostly piggybacking off work trips as I did for the first one. In 2012 was Berlin, Madrid, then Seville (plus Madrid again). 2013 saw me visit Dubrovnik, Leipzig (and return to Berlin just after), and Munich (great beer cellars!). 2014’s destinations were Stockholm, Barcelona, and… Stockholm again (hey, that’s the downside of letting work pay for it, it means they get to decide where I go too, and sometimes it’s the same place I was just at! At least it was a nice one). It’s something I still want to do a lot more of and have plans for this year, though right now I’m torn between returning to places I really liked (Berlin especially, and the Spanish cities) and trying somewhere new.

I joined the Beltane Fire Society, as a Steward. BFS is something of an Edinburgh institution, putting on the famous Beltane Fire Festival that takes place on Calton Hill at the end of April every year, as well as the Samhuinn parade on Hallowe’en. This was one of those things I’d been meaning to get involved with for ages, and I’m glad I finally took the plunge in 2014. I met some really awesome people and had a lot of fun, as well as contributing to the running of the festivals.

I made some progress with my creative projects, not necessarily in the ways I had planned to, but I think I’m gradually narrowing my focus from the ridiculous number of projects I had on the go (and mostly not going anywhere) 2 or 3 years ago, onto a few that I genuinely want to pursue further. More on those later…


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